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You Can’t Always Get What You Want ~

Posted in Uncategorized on July 13, 2009 by demianarriaga

Pretty interesting how the song that i’m hearing as I write this is: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones, my father’s favorite band…creepy, since the title of this song sums up exactly what this post is about…

I believe that you make your own luck but for lack of a better term I have to say that I consider myself very “lucky” to be able to make music my career. The fact that I get paid to perform, record and TEACH is simply silly when I think about it. I’ve worked very very hard throughout my life to make this a fact, to ensure that my professional happiness is unconditional, a happiness that is and will always be non-negotiable, yet it still feel surreal that I play drums in lets say Holland, and I get a check!! how crazy is that???

Aside from my love for music, the fact that I can do what I do is thanks to the help and support of my parents, they bought me every piece of gear I needed and wanted, got me drum lessons, put me through music college, you get the point. It feels only fair that I share with them whatever it is I accomplish and they are the first ones to know about every single gig I play, about recordings I do and about School Of Rock shows… everything.

The devotion for my craft and career can also be a double edge sword. I don’t lead a very common life and to be completely honest and even arrogant, I love that and I wouldn’t change it. There is however one thing that drives me absolutely crazy and  it has made me think many times if this whole adventure is worth it. My 2 best friends on the planet, Anamelia and Raul Arriaga, my parents in case you didn’t get that, live in Caracas while I live in Los Angeles. They have worked hard all their lives to provide me with everything I could ever need in every sense of the word and now that I’m at a great point in my life and career it seems very odd to make that they aren’t “right here” with me to share these accomplishments which I have never ever felt as MINE, but ours. This fact is something very difficult to deal with. I wish they could live here with me but things aren’t that easy due to many many elements that I won’t get into.

My Mother always says that the beautiful thing in life is NOT to make your dreams come true, but to make your life a LIVING dream… What I want to accomplish, or maybe I should say what I think I want to accomplish right now is completely related to where I am geographically… Los Angeles is the home of virtually every musician i’ve dreamt of playing with.  I’m on the right path but I hope I can share more and more with my parents… more than pictures and road stories. I can’t wait until I can afford to fly them across the ocean and have them see me play in Paris or Rome, although I know they, and me , would be just as happy playing a triangle in our kitchen in Venezuela…

I didn’t write this to create any sort of feelings of pity or what not, my point is that of the title… YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT … in this case it’s because I want too many things… and I rather have that problem than the HELL that must be not knowing what you want in life… I wonder from time to time if playing with so and so is worth me NOT being with my loved ones and the answer is always the same NO, but I feel its a circumstantial thing.

When one of my best friends on the planet came to visit me from Italy she paid for me to get a tattoo and, even though I decided maaany things ranging from Arsenal FC to Megadeth hahahah, I was smart enough to listen to Valen and I decided to go ahead a dedicate a tattoo to my mom and dad. Unfortunately a lot of my friends have lost their parents recently and it hurts me immensely, I decided to do this as a tribute to mine while they are still alive and also to declare to the world the love a son/daughter has for their parents, and specifically that on my friends’ since their parents where exceptional human beings which I will miss like part of my own family.

A little anti-climactic this ending but look up at the title…



I might very well owe my life to Poker…

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Not because i’m a gambler, which I am, sports in particular and the incredible yearly trip to Vegas I take with my best friends… beyond that, this addictive game of cards was my secret ally and it helped me immensely in my career.

By November of last year things were great, I was performing tons, teaching, had  my own place, everything was incredible and I felt very lucky. Up until then, I had been visited by some close friends and I felt life couldn’t get any better. Economically the past few years have been a struggle, yet I always managed to stay afloat. Suddenly things dried up, or I chose to work a little less to focus on my instrument since I was felt a change coming soon and I felt i had to be prepared.

My life recently changed since discovering The Secret. This is a whole different topic which I will cover without a doubt, but let’s just say I have been working with the Law of Attraction way before I knew of the book and dvd. Anyways, everything made sense. I felt like I had found myself, truly and wholeheartedly I was convinced I knew what life was about and how I was supposed to do things.

Although this certainty still remains, it wasn’t all fun and games.

After the best 2 months of my life, performing all over Europe; I felt untouchable, professionally I was realized. I felt accomplished and I really couldn’t be any happier. Weeks later this life took me to Brazil and Argentina, followed by Costa Rica. I was living and still am, what I feel I deserved. At least professionally speaking. Personally, spiritually and relationally I felt great as well, but somehow i lost myself.

All my meditation, all my affirmations, my routine, my positive thinking, optimism, drive were a bit grey, and I have no idea why to be completely honest with you. I can’t understand why I ever doubted what got me through difficult times in the past. Yes, family and friends are the most important thing for me, but, in a sense my religion or God is not typical… i found and still find a lot of peace in the creative process (ask, believe, receive) but my point is that at some point I steered away from my certainty for a reason, a reason which is still unknown to me, and to some extent since I feel it was a hurdle that I jumped last week and found my stride again, i’m not so sure I want to know the exact reason. I’m not one to shy away from thinking deeply about a subject but to be honest, this one beats me.

Is it a money thing? a time thing? if so, i have had those issues in the past, why did it get to me now? after i saw the effects and benefits of what I believe in… I guess this is a part of life, where nothing is certain except change, death and the fact that Arsenal FC are the greatest football team on the planet, again another topic, hahaha.

I can also say I have no idea what the point of this entry was, but maybe that precisely it, to have none, so maybe one of you can enlighten me. I am such a advocate of writing things down and literally seeing what they are, what they look like and weigh them.

I should listen to myself and  do what i would do.


So it begins…

Posted in Uncategorized on July 5, 2009 by demianarriaga

To say that the past year has been interesting would be the biggest understatement I have ever made. Regardless whether you know me or not, I intend to make this blog as transparent as possible. Some of you might find something that you can relate with and others, as  I suspect, might just find it amusing and funny, others flat out lame and pathetic.

Due to my work, aside from being a musician I teach children music for a living and I try to censore myself as much as possible. My biggest fear in life, beyond white sharks and open sea, is being  a negative influence in them. However, there comes a time and place where I need to vent and this might very well be it. Twitter, Facebook and myspace are al great but this outlet seems way more therapeutic and personal… right.

What will follow will be a summary of my year for starters, along with one or two interesting thoughts along with reposting old blogs from my account.