You Can’t Always Get What You Want ~

Pretty interesting how the song that i’m hearing as I write this is: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones, my father’s favorite band…creepy, since the title of this song sums up exactly what this post is about…

I believe that you make your own luck but for lack of a better term I have to say that I consider myself very “lucky” to be able to make music my career. The fact that I get paid to perform, record and TEACH is simply silly when I think about it. I’ve worked very very hard throughout my life to make this a fact, to ensure that my professional happiness is unconditional, a happiness that is and will always be non-negotiable, yet it still feel surreal that I play drums in lets say Holland, and I get a check!! how crazy is that???

Aside from my love for music, the fact that I can do what I do is thanks to the help and support of my parents, they bought me every piece of gear I needed and wanted, got me drum lessons, put me through music college, you get the point. It feels only fair that I share with them whatever it is I accomplish and they are the first ones to know about every single gig I play, about recordings I do and about School Of Rock shows… everything.

The devotion for my craft and career can also be a double edge sword. I don’t lead a very common life and to be completely honest and even arrogant, I love that and I wouldn’t change it. There is however one thing that drives me absolutely crazy and  it has made me think many times if this whole adventure is worth it. My 2 best friends on the planet, Anamelia and Raul Arriaga, my parents in case you didn’t get that, live in Caracas while I live in Los Angeles. They have worked hard all their lives to provide me with everything I could ever need in every sense of the word and now that I’m at a great point in my life and career it seems very odd to make that they aren’t “right here” with me to share these accomplishments which I have never ever felt as MINE, but ours. This fact is something very difficult to deal with. I wish they could live here with me but things aren’t that easy due to many many elements that I won’t get into.

My Mother always says that the beautiful thing in life is NOT to make your dreams come true, but to make your life a LIVING dream… What I want to accomplish, or maybe I should say what I think I want to accomplish right now is completely related to where I am geographically… Los Angeles is the home of virtually every musician i’ve dreamt of playing with.  I’m on the right path but I hope I can share more and more with my parents… more than pictures and road stories. I can’t wait until I can afford to fly them across the ocean and have them see me play in Paris or Rome, although I know they, and me , would be just as happy playing a triangle in our kitchen in Venezuela…

I didn’t write this to create any sort of feelings of pity or what not, my point is that of the title… YOU CAN’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT … in this case it’s because I want too many things… and I rather have that problem than the HELL that must be not knowing what you want in life… I wonder from time to time if playing with so and so is worth me NOT being with my loved ones and the answer is always the same NO, but I feel its a circumstantial thing.

When one of my best friends on the planet came to visit me from Italy she paid for me to get a tattoo and, even though I decided maaany things ranging from Arsenal FC to Megadeth hahahah, I was smart enough to listen to Valen and I decided to go ahead a dedicate a tattoo to my mom and dad. Unfortunately a lot of my friends have lost their parents recently and it hurts me immensely, I decided to do this as a tribute to mine while they are still alive and also to declare to the world the love a son/daughter has for their parents, and specifically that on my friends’ since their parents where exceptional human beings which I will miss like part of my own family.

A little anti-climactic this ending but look up at the title…



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