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“Sorry, I can’t come to your wedding…”

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Words I absolutely HATE HATE HATE saying to my close friends… These past two years I have uttered them far too often and it’s something that I’m not happy about, but like everything, it’s all relative.

I am extremely privileged to have the people I have in my life, no other way to describe it. A lot of my closest friends have gotten married, friends in Caracas, Boston, Europe, etc … all over and I haven’t been able to attend their special day. Just being invited is something that never ceases to humble me and it means the world, truly, but having to say no it’s pretty dissapointing.

In fairness to life, and with all the gratitude possible, I have to say that the reason why I haven’t been able to make these special events its due to being so busy with touring and life in Los Angeles. However, again, it doesn’t get any easier sayin no.

Some people might find it interesting that I actually DO want to come to these weddings… I say this because i’m usually vocal about my stance on marriage or non-marriage I should say, but beyond anything, the love for my friends and my joy when I hear they found their special someone makes my life that much better.

I wish I could go…

Today, August 17th marks my parents’ 35th anniversary. I have not met 2 more incredible people in my life and I just cannot put into words the amount of love, appreciation, respect and adoration I have towards them.

It is my goal in life to be at the very least half the man my father is, and I’ll be the luckiest man in the world if my wife is as smart, honest, loyal, and  transparent  as my mom. No, this is not some Oedipus complex issue… maybe… ask my mom, she’s the psychologist… i’m just a musician with a blog.

As i’ve started to write this my itunes was on shuffle and so far i’ve heard: “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd, “Love Comes Walking In” by Van Halen and “Can’t Explain” by The Who… creeeepy.



Free Re-fills: Don’t abuse your rights people!!

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Originally posted april 2008

Another Rant…FREE REFILLS!

Oh yes, it’s that time again… the time when I see something that pisses me off for one reason or many and I have to say something about it. As most of these rant blogs, they are either a complete waste of your time or a welcome distraction, either way, thanks for reading…

A couple of days ago I was having lunch at a fine Sandwich chain restaurant (it rhymes with ubway), in which free refills where available. Since I came across such a wonderful thing not only do I implement it, I RESPECT IT. Soda, specially Coca Cola is such an amazing thing that I feel it needs to be given the respect it deserves, and many people take it for granted.

A stunning, gorgeous, classy and elegant woman walked in holding a subway cup;  I looked at her, smiled and as she walked past me (yes, she wasn’t coming to talk to me 😦  jejej). Once it came clear to me, it was a little odd that she was coming in and not OUT with the cup… seconds later she poured herself a nice little refill and walked out of the door. Not only did she do it with all the confidence and carelessness in the world but she had this air about her like it was THE CORRECT thing to do… Obviously it’s not the first time she did it, and the proof was that I saw her the following day doing the same gag.

Ok, you paid, but your chance is gone once you step out of the place… in Starbucks you have to pay 50 cents… i think it’s messed up, honestly. That is inconsiderate behavior and it’s one of the few things that piss me off… like the douchebags who take my parking spot illegally…

Am I the only one to think that your refill rights cease to exist once you leave the establishment?? My love for Coke and Her delicious soda relatives makes me take a stand (although not really active) about this… via blog.

Free refills are a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT…




Love / Hate … a kid’s view

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Originally posted on Nov. 2008 on my myspace blog

Hey Muthatruckas… A few months ago I read somewhere some interesting quotes from kids when asked what their definition of Love and Hate where… I decided to ask some of my kids from the School Of Rock in Hollywood what they thought about when they heard each word and here are some of their answers. I remind you these kids are between 9 and 13, the ones i asked anyway… here are some:


“If one could love all but hate, then could he really love all??”

Inside Jokes


Girls Girls Girls

The fact that magic tricks exist in the world

A warm feeling inside your stomach


Lamb chops



People who think they are cool when they aren’t

Dogs that wear clothes

Nails on chalkboard

Stepping on gum

Mean People


Smell of Poop

Drugs and cigarettes

Bad music

The word “platter”

As per usual Waylon, whom you might have seen ripping the guitar  previous blogs, said the funniest things:

D: Waylon, what is love?

W: I don’t know what love is, i’m freakin’ 11 years old!!!!”

D: Ok, what about hate? what do you hate?

W: YOU, you are tacky and I hate you!

He was joking but still really funny…


One of the best days EVER …

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I can’t believe I’ve been so swamped recently that I haven’t even had time to post a blog, and specially this one since a couple of weeks ago I had one of the most amazing days that I will never forget…

Playing with Richie is always a privilege and an honor that I never ever take for granted. I’ve been lucky to travel a lot a meet great people and all that. A couple of weeks ago we played in NYC @ BB King’s. I love that venue and the last time I was there was over  5 years ago when I took a bus from Boston and saw Paul Gilbert and Mike Portnoy kill it with Yellow Matter Custard. Thats one piece of useless info, but let me continue! haha

The show was UNREAL! completely sold out, over 600 people and the fans were so stoked to see Richie play for the first time in the east coast in a while. It felt like a show for friends and family so the vibe was phenomenal. There are a couple of fan videos up on youtube that sound great, and one of those will be at the bottom of this blog.

Meeting your idols or people you respected and looked up to as a kid NEVER EVER EVER gets old, and thats one of the great things I love about LA and i’m so glad I moved here. After the show I went to say hello to some friends that came to see me and at the table next to us were also a couple of people I knew. I got up and said hi again and was introduced to a guy that looked extremely familiar, then he said his name: Frank Bello … from Anthrax! one of the most influential bands in Metal… along with Metallica and Megadeth, they started Thrash Metal.  The best part was seeing how humble and nice he was and that is always inspiring and it motivates. I have met my share of rockstars and he’s up there with the nicest.

Another guy that I can say is the nicest motherf*cker and has also been HUGE in my career is Gary Cherone, singer for Extreme and an ex-member of Van Halen. I’ve known Gary for a while and the fact that I can say that I’ve played “More Than Words” with him is about as big of an event as anything musical that has happened or will happen in my life. Extreme was playing the same day in NYC so i couldn’t go see them, one of the best live bands out there, so I was a little bummed. However we all met and hung out at an afterparty and it was insane! Richie played guitar and sang while Nuno played Drums, it was crazy…

At one point i’m standing next to Gary, Nuno, Richie, Frank Bello… it was surreal.

I always try to be professional and keep it together but I have to say that I felt like a kid once again… Extreme alone are the reason why I play music, add the bassist from one of the sickest bands you’ll hear??? Do me a favor…

The scary part is that I had envisioned something VERY VERY similar  months ago…

Never EVER doubt the Law of Attraction…believe in it, utilize it and be thankful it exists.

I’ll leave you with this: “Fooled Again” with Richie Kotzen ~ check out his MONSTER guitar solo (starts on min 4:30)