One of the best days EVER …

I can’t believe I’ve been so swamped recently that I haven’t even had time to post a blog, and specially this one since a couple of weeks ago I had one of the most amazing days that I will never forget…

Playing with Richie is always a privilege and an honor that I never ever take for granted. I’ve been lucky to travel a lot a meet great people and all that. A couple of weeks ago we played in NYC @ BB King’s. I love that venue and the last time I was there was over  5 years ago when I took a bus from Boston and saw Paul Gilbert and Mike Portnoy kill it with Yellow Matter Custard. Thats one piece of useless info, but let me continue! haha

The show was UNREAL! completely sold out, over 600 people and the fans were so stoked to see Richie play for the first time in the east coast in a while. It felt like a show for friends and family so the vibe was phenomenal. There are a couple of fan videos up on youtube that sound great, and one of those will be at the bottom of this blog.

Meeting your idols or people you respected and looked up to as a kid NEVER EVER EVER gets old, and thats one of the great things I love about LA and i’m so glad I moved here. After the show I went to say hello to some friends that came to see me and at the table next to us were also a couple of people I knew. I got up and said hi again and was introduced to a guy that looked extremely familiar, then he said his name: Frank Bello … from Anthrax! one of the most influential bands in Metal… along with Metallica and Megadeth, they started Thrash Metal.  The best part was seeing how humble and nice he was and that is always inspiring and it motivates. I have met my share of rockstars and he’s up there with the nicest.

Another guy that I can say is the nicest motherf*cker and has also been HUGE in my career is Gary Cherone, singer for Extreme and an ex-member of Van Halen. I’ve known Gary for a while and the fact that I can say that I’ve played “More Than Words” with him is about as big of an event as anything musical that has happened or will happen in my life. Extreme was playing the same day in NYC so i couldn’t go see them, one of the best live bands out there, so I was a little bummed. However we all met and hung out at an afterparty and it was insane! Richie played guitar and sang while Nuno played Drums, it was crazy…

At one point i’m standing next to Gary, Nuno, Richie, Frank Bello… it was surreal.

I always try to be professional and keep it together but I have to say that I felt like a kid once again… Extreme alone are the reason why I play music, add the bassist from one of the sickest bands you’ll hear??? Do me a favor…

The scary part is that I had envisioned something VERY VERY similar  months ago…

Never EVER doubt the Law of Attraction…believe in it, utilize it and be thankful it exists.

I’ll leave you with this: “Fooled Again” with Richie Kotzen ~ check out his MONSTER guitar solo (starts on min 4:30)



2 Responses to “One of the best days EVER …”

  1. Do me a favor…

  2. No sabes cuanto feliz estoy por ti. You are my best friend ever y saber que tus suenos/deseos/aspectativas se estan realizando me alegra no sabes cuanto. Sigue visualizando. Te quiero.

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