Free Re-fills: Don’t abuse your rights people!!

Originally posted april 2008

Another Rant…FREE REFILLS!

Oh yes, it’s that time again… the time when I see something that pisses me off for one reason or many and I have to say something about it. As most of these rant blogs, they are either a complete waste of your time or a welcome distraction, either way, thanks for reading…

A couple of days ago I was having lunch at a fine Sandwich chain restaurant (it rhymes with ubway), in which free refills where available. Since I came across such a wonderful thing not only do I implement it, I RESPECT IT. Soda, specially Coca Cola is such an amazing thing that I feel it needs to be given the respect it deserves, and many people take it for granted.

A stunning, gorgeous, classy and elegant woman walked in holding a subway cup;  I looked at her, smiled and as she walked past me (yes, she wasn’t coming to talk to me 😦  jejej). Once it came clear to me, it was a little odd that she was coming in and not OUT with the cup… seconds later she poured herself a nice little refill and walked out of the door. Not only did she do it with all the confidence and carelessness in the world but she had this air about her like it was THE CORRECT thing to do… Obviously it’s not the first time she did it, and the proof was that I saw her the following day doing the same gag.

Ok, you paid, but your chance is gone once you step out of the place… in Starbucks you have to pay 50 cents… i think it’s messed up, honestly. That is inconsiderate behavior and it’s one of the few things that piss me off… like the douchebags who take my parking spot illegally…

Am I the only one to think that your refill rights cease to exist once you leave the establishment?? My love for Coke and Her delicious soda relatives makes me take a stand (although not really active) about this… via blog.

Free refills are a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT…




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