Love / Hate … a kid’s view

Originally posted on Nov. 2008 on my myspace blog

Hey Muthatruckas… A few months ago I read somewhere some interesting quotes from kids when asked what their definition of Love and Hate where… I decided to ask some of my kids from the School Of Rock in Hollywood what they thought about when they heard each word and here are some of their answers. I remind you these kids are between 9 and 13, the ones i asked anyway… here are some:


“If one could love all but hate, then could he really love all??”

Inside Jokes


Girls Girls Girls

The fact that magic tricks exist in the world

A warm feeling inside your stomach


Lamb chops



People who think they are cool when they aren’t

Dogs that wear clothes

Nails on chalkboard

Stepping on gum

Mean People


Smell of Poop

Drugs and cigarettes

Bad music

The word “platter”

As per usual Waylon, whom you might have seen ripping the guitar  previous blogs, said the funniest things:

D: Waylon, what is love?

W: I don’t know what love is, i’m freakin’ 11 years old!!!!”

D: Ok, what about hate? what do you hate?

W: YOU, you are tacky and I hate you!

He was joking but still really funny…



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