Luck? Doubt it… highly doubt it.


I’ve said it before and I will say it again and again: the success of my friends make me as happy as my own, no exaggeration. This success that I speak of motivates me more than that from any famous rockstar or award winning actor, mainly because I see these people as my peers and it sparks a certain belief in me that says that I can do it too. I must say that as much as I value my musicality and my craft I don’t think that I’m as good as some of the people I work with, but the belief and will to progress in always there and it keeps me going. I’m not selling myself short Mom and Dad… : )

Regardless of the kind of job they have, I find inspiration in the dedication, hard work and self-belief that some of my friends have and of course that extends to people that aren’t close to me yet. Since I moved to LA from Boston i’ve met some wonderful people that I can’t even being to express how grateful I am to life itself to have brought them in my path. Women and men that I always dreamed of meeting whose hard work and accomplishments are just what they envisioned  and set out to do. Also, i find motivation in those that haven’t had “success” yet and keep trying and trying and trying, ironically this means success to me, the refusal to give up, regardless what anyone says.

Life recently rearranged some circumstances and brought me back in touch with a dear friend of mine called Frederick. I’ve known him since I was born, literally, and as a matter of fact my parents have known him for a few years more than they know me, haha.  To say that our meeting was just inspiring would be an insult to the universe. I can’t put to words what I felt when I saw him and another great soul and friend of mine, Jody, perform a couple of weeks ago.

He’s always been a musical role model for me, working his ass off since I’ve known him. He recently relocated to Atlanta where, to make a long long long story short, ended up working with Sylvain Sylvain from the New York Dolls. In short the Dolls were one of the first ever Punk bands and bands like motley crue and aerosmith revere these guys… Being from Venezuela, its not an easy task to “infiltrate” the punk scene and doing it with the guitar player of that band that virtually started it all its impossible, or so you would think… Fred has managed to do that and people have to know.

Who has to know? Anyone who has ever had to fight against the odds or has lived some sort of uncertainty in their art and has pulled through. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it? Well, sort of, you also need to move your ass and get it done, if not its only wishful thinking which in reality is nothing but a plateau. Most people would say: “wow, he’s so lucky!” Well, try not to say that anywhere near me for I will not cease to prove my point haha.

I’m all about positive thinking and I don’t really believe in luck, however I cannot be so gung ho  and sit here and imply that people living hard hard times or tragedies have brought that upon themselves. Being at the right moment at the right time is directly related to how prepared you are at that moment. If you aren’t ready and prepared that moment NEVER arrives, it’s a fact, it’s the only way to make it “the right moment.”

This is something that I try to teach all my students and I won’t stop until they prove me right again and again just as they have been doing. Parents, your kids have inspired me more than you can imagine and damn I feel lucky 😉


2 Responses to “Luck? Doubt it… highly doubt it.”



    primero que nada te envío un abrazo. Tu Papa me permite hacer este amigable enlace y expresarte el siempre gran afecto y admiracion que te tengo como persona y como músico.
    Me siento muy feliz de tu encuentro con Frederick…el bueno y siemore recordado Frederick con su particular estilo …Espero que hayan filosofado juntos e imprimido calidez a estos tiempo que a veces se tornan un poco fríos.
    Has sido muy generoso con tus palabras sobre Frederick y como siempre dicen que ..los deseos y los actos se devuelven no espero más que desearte tu mayor éxito personal a través del éxito de quienes te siguen.

    Pienso ir a Frisco y a los Angeles a fin de año y estoy tratando cuadrar algo con Frederick. Ojala que pudiera saludarte personalmente de concretarse el viaje.

    Mantengo un relativo contacto con mi pana Raúl.

    Sigue mejorando y mejorando todos los dias y cuando se agote el mejoramiento es hora de hacer reingeniería musical!

    un abrazo de amigo


  2. Epale Damian, soy Arnoldo gran amigo de tus padres.
    he estado al tanto de tus actuaciones y logros a traves de ellos que me mantienen informado de ti y puedo aprciar la admiracion y orgullo con que lo hacen, sabes que…los acompano en sus sentimiento.

    Algo que permanece en mis recuerdos, es cuando en una visita a tus padres muchos anos atras tenias una bateria creo que cerca de las escaleras que unian los dos pisos del apartamento y tu repicastes algunos sonidos que por supuesto con mucho ritmo ya que eso lo llevas en la sangre.

    Te deseo mucho exito en tu vida profecional y siempre aradecele a Dios y a la vida por tener unos padres que te quieren y siempre te han apoyado.

    Un abrazo
    Arnoldo Diaz

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