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RIP Gray.

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After our show in Glasgow, Scotland I got one email than unfortunately I will never, ever forget. As I was reading it I couldn’t believe it and  I was hoping that it wasn’t true. I almost found myself praying, odd since I don’t believe in God… I was being told that the older sister of one of my private students had killed herself.

I had known 15 year old Grayson for almost 3 years… a beautiful, smart, funny girl with tons of kick ass attitude, great humor and with a lovely smile. Every wednesday I would go to her place and teach her little sister and I would get a chance, often, to talk to her about music, songwriting and all things music. I have only great things to say about her and I could do it forever. The thought of this happening again, or happening to one of my students who are like my kids, is simply terrifying. My thoughts are with the family and I hope they can somehow cope with these difficult times.

I feel truly privileged to have had Grayson in my life and I hope everyone on this planet gets a chance to meet a child so special and outright cool as she was… May you rest in peace, wherever you are and I hope you are rocking out and doing what you always wanted to do, be happy! 🙂 Thank you for letting me use your guitar from time to time, and thanks for  all the smiles and i hope you liked the show I played in Edinburgh for you 🙂 Hope you get to write all the songs that you always wanted and I hope one night we can meet again in a dream and you can play me your new songs. ❤




Tour Diary #2 – England/Scotland/Rome/Forli

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I wished I would’ve written before but now I forgot a ton of stuff I wanted to write… maybe I should spend more time doing this than tweeting like there’s no tomorrow…

The last few gigs in both England and Scotland went great!! The crowds were incredible and the clubs themselves were very very cool. British fans are LOUD! Gotta love it. In Edinburgh, Scotland I had the chance to see not one but TWO of my old old friends… whom i’ve known since I can remember. I can’t even begin to express how great it is to be able to see people you know all over the globe… life has a funny way of working sometimes and its so interesting to me that I see these people in say Austria, but never see them when we are all in Caracas around the same time, same city, same hangouts, etc…

Can’t talk about UK without thanking Darryl and Neil from FaBluSis promotions for making this leg of the tour FLAWLESS… some of the funniest mofos i’ve ever met… Also would like to thank both the Ben Poole band and THE FRY BAND (with whom we did all 10 shows), Jock, Tony, Mark, Ben, Allan and Gary… u guys made this a great tour! thanks…

We are now in Forli, Italy, about to drive towards VELDEN in AUSTRIA, one of my favorite cities from the tour we did early this year. Bluesiana is the name of the club and we always have a great great time there! I look forward to seeing the Austrian alps and taking tons of pictures as usual.

Both shows in Italia have been phenomenal so far! I have gotten approached by a lot of people saying that they have read my blog and follow me on twitter/facebook, for that i’m very grateful! thank you guys!! thanks for reading and keep doing so!

I’ve been asked by a few people what bands i’m listening to right now and its pretty much the same as the past few months:  Malbec, Carl Restivo, Supercreep, Chroma Key, Avenged Sevenfold, Isaac Delgado, Ours.



Clash City Rocker

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One thing I forgot to mention in my previous blog was what a nice experience it was walking on my own through London. Being obsessed with movies like Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Mean Machine, Hooligans, Football Factory, etc everything in this city was a constant reminder of them and vice versa. I made sure that I loaded up my iPod with as much music that reminded me of England and walking around listening to great tracks was sweet.

I filled the iPod with The Clash, Sex Pistols, Joy Division, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Stranglers and The Who!! it was almost magical walking through different areas of town with this music in  the background. Something I recommend doing.

In a couple of days I will write about 2 recording sessions I did in LA right before I came back with both Vida Espia and my dear friend Jamie Alonge (formerly known as Native Sun)


Tour Diary #1 ~ London/Bristol/Poole/Wolverhampton

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If you know me personally you would know what a big deal it was for me to visit England, let alone London. Ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated by the accent, the culture, the weather, the vibe, THE HUMOR and of course the football, specifically Arsenal FC. Anyways, this topic will be touched upon believe me.
I can only start this by thanking life for giving the opportunity to have this as my job: traveling the world, playing with some of the best musicians I have ever seen and met, meeting great people from all walks of life, seeing historical places, etc, its just surreal, never gets old and I plan on making this last as long as I can. A massive part of being able to have this lifestyle or “job” has been the unconditional help of my mother and father whom I miss very much (dad i can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks!) my sister,  and my friends.
I went through some difficult times last year and 3 of my closest friends helped me out within seconds of asking for their help, a lending hand that let me keep doing what I wanted and eventually led me to meet Richie and that turned into something great. Although I’ve met people along the way I have only been able to perform with this gig in front only 2 or 3 of my close friends, people I consider family; but 2 of my close friends live in London and came to the show. Luis was one of the people who helped me and I cannot put into words how thankful I am to him, and playing this greatly important gig in my dream city of London in front of him was phenomenal. It was a way to “pay him back” and it was just beautiful to share a moment like that with friends.
I won’t talk much about the actual performances because it would simply take too much time and as you can tell it’s hard for me to not drift in and out of topics…
I’ve been feeling good, the jet lag has not hit me at all, it never does, so that’s great… Bristol and Poole were great and same with Wolverhampton. We had the chance to stay in Bath for a couple of days… Gorgeous city, historical to say the least. We also went to see STONEHENGE which was killer as well as a ride down the South Coast of England… excellent! Wolverhampton in near Birmingham, the birthplace of Heavy Metal   \m/       \m/
As far as the gear i’ve been using… I’m using my new favorite snare drum a Pearl Joey Jordison signature snare… its killer!! not metal at all… funky as all hell!!! A Sonor drumset, bass drum and floor tom  only… and my trusty cymbal setup: 14 new beat hats, 18″ crash ride and my baby a 21″ Constantinople Big Band Ride… how one of my students would say, this sounds “buttery”
Big shout out to the opening bands, both The Fry band and the Ben Poole band. The Fry kill every night and will be our guests for the whole UK leg of the tour. You have to look up Ben Poole’s music… this lad is awesome… amazing guys and great hang!! We’ll miss their great music and humor on the road.
Now, ARSENAL… Went to the Emirates stadium and got a tour around it from none other than Charlie George, an Arsenal Legend… I could write a book about my visit, but let’s just say is was breathtaking.
I will write after the next 4 shows or so… thanks for reading.