RIP Gray.

After our show in Glasgow, Scotland I got one email than unfortunately I will never, ever forget. As I was reading it I couldn’t believe it and  I was hoping that it wasn’t true. I almost found myself praying, odd since I don’t believe in God… I was being told that the older sister of one of my private students had killed herself.

I had known 15 year old Grayson for almost 3 years… a beautiful, smart, funny girl with tons of kick ass attitude, great humor and with a lovely smile. Every wednesday I would go to her place and teach her little sister and I would get a chance, often, to talk to her about music, songwriting and all things music. I have only great things to say about her and I could do it forever. The thought of this happening again, or happening to one of my students who are like my kids, is simply terrifying. My thoughts are with the family and I hope they can somehow cope with these difficult times.

I feel truly privileged to have had Grayson in my life and I hope everyone on this planet gets a chance to meet a child so special and outright cool as she was… May you rest in peace, wherever you are and I hope you are rocking out and doing what you always wanted to do, be happy! 🙂 Thank you for letting me use your guitar from time to time, and thanks for  all the smiles and i hope you liked the show I played in Edinburgh for you 🙂 Hope you get to write all the songs that you always wanted and I hope one night we can meet again in a dream and you can play me your new songs. ❤



One Response to “RIP Gray.”

  1. Grzegorz (Gregorio) Says:

    it’s very sad when we have a friend who is very joyful, everyone likes him and suddenly we hear that she or he commited suecide. I just realized that exacly 5 years age did it my friend from school…

    I told you about suecide that shocked Poland. Here is more about it:

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