Tour Diary #2 – England/Scotland/Rome/Forli

I wished I would’ve written before but now I forgot a ton of stuff I wanted to write… maybe I should spend more time doing this than tweeting like there’s no tomorrow…

The last few gigs in both England and Scotland went great!! The crowds were incredible and the clubs themselves were very very cool. British fans are LOUD! Gotta love it. In Edinburgh, Scotland I had the chance to see not one but TWO of my old old friends… whom i’ve known since I can remember. I can’t even begin to express how great it is to be able to see people you know all over the globe… life has a funny way of working sometimes and its so interesting to me that I see these people in say Austria, but never see them when we are all in Caracas around the same time, same city, same hangouts, etc…

Can’t talk about UK without thanking Darryl and Neil from FaBluSis promotions for making this leg of the tour FLAWLESS… some of the funniest mofos i’ve ever met… Also would like to thank both the Ben Poole band and THE FRY BAND (with whom we did all 10 shows), Jock, Tony, Mark, Ben, Allan and Gary… u guys made this a great tour! thanks…

We are now in Forli, Italy, about to drive towards VELDEN in AUSTRIA, one of my favorite cities from the tour we did early this year. Bluesiana is the name of the club and we always have a great great time there! I look forward to seeing the Austrian alps and taking tons of pictures as usual.

Both shows in Italia have been phenomenal so far! I have gotten approached by a lot of people saying that they have read my blog and follow me on twitter/facebook, for that i’m very grateful! thank you guys!! thanks for reading and keep doing so!

I’ve been asked by a few people what bands i’m listening to right now and its pretty much the same as the past few months:  Malbec, Carl Restivo, Supercreep, Chroma Key, Avenged Sevenfold, Isaac Delgado, Ours.




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