Long time no write…

I will summarize the whole tour experience in a long ass video blog which will be uploaded next week.

I just wanted to drop a quick line, express how thankful I am to life for giving me such an incredible opportunity to perform in so many countries, meeting new people and playing with Richie and Dan. The amount of respect I have for these guys is beyond words, what an honor it is to play alongside such killers!

After 2 months of intense touring i´m back home, my original home: CARACAS. Nothing like seeing mom and dad, old friends who to me are family, eating great food, drinking good wine and great rum, watching soccer with my friends, etc. I need a break/vacation and what better place both physically and mentally than home?

With that said I have to mention how much I miss Los Angeles, in particular all my students. If home is where the heart is then I have more than one home, and thats another reason i´m thankful.

We´re off to COSTA RICA for what will be the last gig with RICHIE KOTZEN of 2009. I believe the count is up to 75 shows this year with him. Crazy. We played there already this year and if thi show is anywhere near as killer as last time then we´re in for a kick ass weekend!

THis is when I get dorky/cheesy/myself … my great friends from MALBEC have an incredible song that is one of my faves of all time, no joke. AS musicians sometimes we hear songs and wish we would have written them. Songs such as Yesterday, In My Darkest Hour, Wish You Were Here, More Than Words, Why Can´t This Be Love… yes i just mixed beatles, megadeth, floyd, extreme and van halen, got a problem? thought you would. thanks. haha

anyway, talk about long-winded… i wish i would have written this song.

(for whatever reason i can´t embed this bad boy, heres the link)


c yas



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