The window seat means its MY window…

Ok… let’s see if I can write this and not come off as a complete douchebag…

Am I the only one that believes that if you are flying and you get the window seat you, more or less (and this is the key), have certain privileges regarding when you want to close /open the window? Well you bet your ass I think so. First of all I have to make it very clear that when I do choose to close it I take a look at my row mates and ask them if they mind. Yes, I’m already closing the window as I’m asking so it negates my politeness but the bottom line is that at that moment I don’t feel I need their permission. When I’m in the middle or the aisle I don’t expect the window seat person to ask me, it’s the luck of the draw in a way. When I get a window seat its a small victory for me cuz I feel I have some sort of control in a completely control-less environment.

In a scale of who has more rights it’s very clear to me: Window, Middle Aisle. If voting took place it wouldn’t be a 2 vs 1 scenario per se. If aisle and middle guy want me to open/close it and I don’t want to for whatever reason then its a clear-cut sod off from yours truly… yes I said “sod off”” . I would ask both and if middle could go either way I would assume he or she agrees with whatever I decide. Aisle’s opinion is completely irrelevant on its own.

Why would I ever even think about writing this let alone actually going through with it? I shall explain.

If you know me you know I’m Mr. Optimist, I never get angry except when ignorant mofos try to argue football (soccer) with me.. aside from that it takes a lot… I’m actually not a dick about the whole window thing but when I was flying from London to Rome something f’ed up happened. As I was in a deep sleep, much-needed after our first leg of the tour in the UK, i was awakened by something. IT was the light from the window that was blinding me…annoying as all hell. Not only that but when I open my eyes I can see half of a human’s head right in front of me, completely invading my personal space. I actually don’t mind touchy feely people but this was just wrong. She opened the window without permission, at this point I still think its needed, but she wanted to be in my seat so bad she leaned all the way in front of me. Add to that the fact that now I couldn’t even see whatever was outside cuz I had to resort to leaning all the way back and all I could see were propellers… When i finally was able to take a clear peak it was nothing but the freakin OCEAN… which, due to my never-ending fear of sharks i couldn’t care less to see.

Yes, this topic is much more relative and open to debate than my FREE REFILLS post which you can find here somewhere…

talk amongst yaselves



2 Responses to “The window seat means its MY window…”

  1. Michelle Holland Says:

    I feel ya, Demian. It’s always good to read your writings. 🙂

  2. The window seat means I don’t have to get up when someone has to go to the crapper… that’s the only perk IMO


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