Tour Gear


This is where I get dorky, so bear with me please. I have gotten many questions regarding my gear selection, drum setup and such so I wanted to answer to those 4 people that asked me, lol.

First things first, I have to say a huuuuuge THANK YOU to Chad B. at Vater for their continued support. I’ve played Vater for years, since 2001 to be specific and I’m proud to say I endorse their amazing products. For this tour I used Manhattan 7A’s.

Regarding drums… I use a minimal kit for my shows with Richie, 22″ bass drum “16 floor tom and 14″ snare , thats it. As far as heads I used Evans EC-2’s for the toms and Genera Dry’s for the snares which are paramount to my sound. Thanks to Steve at Evans for helping me out!

Cymbals… this is interesting. I used my trusty 14” new beat Zildjian hi hats and an 18” Avedis Crash-Ride, also by Zildjian. My ride was, enfasis on the word was, my baby… a 21″ Constantinople Big Band ride that i CRACKED 12 gigs into the tour.. OUUUUCH!! It still hurts… you shall be missed my friend. I replaced it with a Paiste 2002 ride, 20″, not bad actually, i was very very pleasantly surprised.

Pedals? PEARL. need I say more? of course not. For my money the most reliable and musical pedals out there.

here’s a bird’s eye view taken at the very last gig in Scandiano, Italia.


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