VIDEO BLOG – TOUR END/2009 Wrap-up

What a year this has been… So many things to talk about it would take me forever to write and I don’t want to waste your time…. too much, haha! To start:  2 European and 1 South American tours with Richie Kotzen… over 15 countries, over 40 cities…. what an amazing run. I always visualized going to these places but I didn’t think it would happen in ONE YEAR, let alone going TWICE to tons of these cities… just amazing. All I can do is be thankful… practice the attitude of gratitude.

Here’s a brief summary of the 2nd half of the tour, including Spain, France, having my father on the road for 2 weeks etc.



ps: forgot to mention seeing my dear friends PEDRO in madrid and one of my fave people in the world VALENTINA in Torino, Italy… luv u guys


One Response to “VIDEO BLOG – TOUR END/2009 Wrap-up”

  1. Nice blog… “great the phone’s ringing” LMAO

    We got a game on monday you’re already pencilled in bitch


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