this post was originally written in Feb of 2008 on my myspace page. In light of so many negative things going on, even though this isn’t an inspiring post by any means, i thought it’d be funny to repost it and if it helps get your mind away from any negative thing going on in your life then it did it’s job.


I almost never get angry.  Anyone that knows me can testify that it takes a lot to get me angry and only those closest to me have ever seen me in true anger, and it’s almost always regarding politics,  Che Guevara Shirts and again Football (Soccer).

However I have recently come across something that shouldn’t piss me off but it bothers me a lot… at a recent show I went to, of a Venezuelan Disco-Funk band (amigos invisibles)  I saw no less than 10 dudes tying their sweaters around their waist. Now, I take pride in letting people be themselves, dress how they want to dress, do their thing, listen to weird music, read crazy books, and so on and so forth, but this particular fashion phenomenon really bothers me… does anyone share that?

WTF… can’t you just HOLD the damn thing? Is it really THAT uncomfortable. I mean I used to do that, in 4th grade… back then it kinda felt like a cape…

It should be actually illegal for any man over the age on 18 to do this, furthermore parents of kids under 18 should be held accountable for such fashion atrocity, it’s absurd, there’s not place for it; and don’t get me started with fanny packs, which, on a funny note,  are called “marsupials” in italy.

I will assume if you don’t respond via comment or private message you wear your sweatshirt on your wait tied with a huge knot and actually like it.  I do respect your balls to wear that though.

Someone enlighten me please… is it a Venezuelan thing???? I just saw a dude today, very much a NON venezuelan and he was rocking it.

I don’t know why it bothers me so much. The fact is that it’s not that big of a deal or is it? jejeje. Maybe I really wish i’d had the balls to do that and not have to carry a backpack with a sweater and an umbrella IN MY CAR IN LOS ANGELES!!. Thanks Mom… happy birthday by the way. You are my Angel and it is a privilege to share your DNA.

I know this is ridiculously silly and I actually feel bad I made you read this. I was bored, still am and the fact that I keep writing this very last sentence yells out I should go out tonight… and by going out I mean Burger King and Family Guy.


some of my friends wear it like that… i still love them. Come to think of it, i probably look even more stupid with the scarves i wear…



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