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It’s not that I hate holidays…

Posted in Uncategorized on February 5, 2010 by demianarriaga

Well… how do i start this without sounding completely anti-social? Also, how do i not soundself-rightgeous and even pretentious? i guess you will be the judge. Now that i’ve already set myself up for potential analitical and narrative disaster, here we go:

Its not that I hate holidays such as Mother’s day, Father’s day, Valentine’s or Thanksgiving… i really don’t, BUT i just don’t think they are THAT important and here is why.

My issue with picking a specific day, whether at random or due to a historical event, is that i think too many people,  use these holidays as a crutch and what is worse, these holidays last ONE day.

Why in the hell would you only thank life once a year for the joy it has given you? Why would you wait til November to be proud of yourself for overcoming odds and accomplishing things? why must you wait for the turkey to be ready and in the table to be thankful for knowing your broken heart will mend sooner than you think and expect? I personally think thats bullshit. We must be thankful every single day of the great things in our lives and know for a fact that the bad times are circumstancial. I won’t pull out my whole Law Of Attraction and The Secret stuff, but you get my point.

If and when i become a father you bet your ass I hope i get recognition for my hard work, leadership, tolerance, patience, etc way more than once a year. ASk your mom if she feels one day is enough. Of course it isn’t and we all know that, but why do we shield in these holidays? Yes, there are people who aren’t too open with their feelings or don’t have a great relationship with their parents, i get that, i respect that and I can see why you would wait for a yearly episode to roll on by, buy a card,and to quote my great friend Neil: ”dot, dot, dot, smiley face and ge the f-ck outta there…”  But lets take a look at Valentine’s day which is right around the corner.

I think its safe to say that the basis of love, be it romantic, among family and or friends, is the famous phrase: ”don’t tell me you love me, SHOW me you love me” right? Dudes, if you don’t think that way ask your girl about it, hehe she’ll set you straight! My point is that I don’t think that we as men should wait a whole year to buy flowers, take them out to dinner or ”be nicer”. I am by no means saying i’m perfect or anything like that, nor am I calling most people douchebags, actually I am, BUT its just ilogical to me to assume that once a year, due to social codes and weak tradition for some, we act a certain way.

 I am convinced that most of the great things that have happened in my life at least since i’ve been active and away about this, has stemmed from being thankful hence getting me in a great mood and changing my perspective at that moment in life to a more positive one.

Holidays are great, I applaud any iniciative even if its a single day, of making someone else feel special and valued, there’s no way i would imply anything to the contrary I just think that every day should be mothers day, fathers day, valentines, thanksgiving except for the turkey bit, you know what i mean? Please repeat that last question in a Cockney accent.

Oddly enough I actually think that Halloween makes the most sense out of all the other holidays.

 is there a blogger’s day?


ps: the spell check is not working so excuse any mistake, thnsaks.