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Hey guys,

Yes! to ponder… I was talking to a friend and she used that word and I said to her I don’t use it enough so here I am… making myself feel sophisticated. I know its been a while since my previous post but I have been extremely busy with a number of things and I will try to summarize them, fill you in on some news and as always try, emphasis on the word “try” to philosophy.

Got back to LA and tried to get back into the groove of things… Performed a great gig with my friends Jamie Alonge and Josh Gonzalez in Hermosa Beach which was killer. Also was asked to play percussion with Josh Smith and StereoFox, a KILLER band with amazing musicians and I am flattered I got the call!

Major news in that I can now say I officially endorse EVANS DRUMHEADS!!!!! i’m soooooo stoked and honored its ridiculous. Its a dream come true to be a part of that artist roster with players and artists of that caliber… special thanks to Steve Lobmeier!

Also got back into the full swing of things at School Of Rock Hollywood. These kids are simply astonishing and again, i’m privileged to be a part of their musical growth and I am happy to have them in my life.

As soon as I felt accustomed to my life again in Los Angeles I got offered to once again, and I am very happy to say as you can tell from the previous post, that I am leaving the US again on tour with RICHIE KOTZEN. Man, if the “problem” is leaving once you are acclimated again then I want that problem often, not because I like leaving but because it means other major things are happening. BTW i recommend looking into James Arthur Ray’s concept of “anti-intentions” … anyway…..

Every single day that I wake up I am overwhelmed by a sense of gratitude that music is my life. It is such a personal and private thing, the connection that you can have with 3 minutes of music, its truly impossible to describe, or at least it is for me. Every day that goes by I feel more and more attached to songs I love and new songs come along that make an impact in your life.

Lately I have been listening non-stop to Luis Enrique’s Ciclos album… way beyond having the sickest modern salsa groove, the lyrics are honest, simple and I can relate to every song on that record, it’s amazing. Excuse how corny i’m going to get but a blog of mine without corniness wouldn’t be MY blog… The bridge to one song says, in spanish: “Esta vida es igual que un libro, cada página es un día vivido. No tratemos de correr antes de andar, esta noche estamos vivos, sólo este momento es realidad.” which translates to: “This life is just like a book, every page is a day lived. We can’t try to run before we walk, we are alive tonight, only this moment is reality.” Yes, it could be interpreted as a romantic line and it might have been his intention, but to me it highlights that sense of urgency that I love in life which makes you appreciate every moment possible. The song title is “Yo No Se Mañana” … “Don’t know about tomorrow” pretty much. Live now, seize the day and all that carpe diem related stuff, good stuff… This song also reminds me of the time i recently spent back in Venezuela and it brought me peace and I owe a lot to that song… and thats one of many on that album alone…

I really find interesting how a SONG can have such a powerful impact… a perfect example of this is how I cannot hear “Oh Darling” by the Beatles if I am away from my mother without crying like a baby… or the stone’s “Under My Thumb” without wishing my dad would catch the next plane to LA and we could talk about soccer… Any song by Ruben Blades has picked me up when I needed it and has taught me lessons through harsh honesty when I needed it also, etc you can tell where I am going with this…. its just something I think about a lot. I am quite aware that I am not saying something you don’t know or that someone else hasn’t, its just that lately I’ve been listening to a ton of songs that almost seem like a sign… all sorts of songs and genres… from depeche mode to lynyrd skynyrd, bjork to pink floyd and megadeth to luis enrique. Maybe i’m even forcing the whole thing and I just make myself relate to it but either way i’ve found it to be very cathartic.

These days there are many changes happening in my life, new beginnings, abrupt endings and i’m trying to be emotionally intelligent enough to learn from all of these things… If songs can have a impact , a person has that power tenfold. New people have come into my life and others have reappeared and thanks to this tour I will get to see some others. An unparalleled  combination for me is when someone becomes a song and a song becomes someone… that’s one of the ways I know someone means something or something means anything.



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