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A brief note from the road…

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Over a month since I last blogged… unfortunately I don’t have nearly as much time as I would like to write but I wanted to write at least a brief note to let you know what has been going on in my life.

We had a VERY successful tour in South America. We started off in Goiania, Brasil. A cool town near the capital of Brasilia. Got a chance to hang out with my friend Felipe and met some nice people. Great fans, loud as hell!!! We then went to Sao Paolo for a couple of shows at a bar called Blackmore. 2 sold out nights in a row, it was INSANE!! Sao Paolo always has the loudest, most enthusiastic crowds and they proved it once again! On a personal note it was great seeing Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli, singer and bassist respectively of one of my favorite power metal bands ANGRA! nice times for sure. We then went to Rio, Porto Allegre  and finished up in a gorgeous city called Curitiba… As always Brazil delivered and i want to thank all the fans that came out!! A special thanks goes out to Heloisa our stage manager and Ricky, Bruno and Flavio… top notch, professional people and I hope to see you guys in the near future. Funniest people ever.

I gotta tell you about Porto Allegra though… We managed to get backstage passes on our night off to see my favorite band on the planet ]MegadetH[ !! The show was great and i had the chance to hang out with one of my idols David Ellefson! What a nice guy. Shawn Drover the drummer was great too!

Chile was next  and I was really excited because I had never been there before. We all heard about Chile’s Earthquake and we took part in a benefit show in Valparaiso, gorgeous. The show went great and the night before we performed in Santiago as well. Thanks to everyone involved specially Elisa and her family for treating us like royalty. you ROCK!!

Last but not least was Buenos Aires, Argentina, which has to be one of my favorite places in the world. We played the biggest show we’ve done so far in terms of crowd, about 700 people at a badass venue called Teatro Colegiales. As always the crowd was incredible, singing every song out loud, melodies, guitar solos, etc it was fantastic. Again this city was special for me because I get a chance to hang out with some close friends, including Martin and my brother from another mother Charlie. I cannot even begin to express how thankful i am to life for letting me travel as much as I do, but getting a chance to share some time with friends far away is simply priceless. Of course you wish you had more time to share and hang out, etc but there’s something important to be about that sense of urgency which makes you value the short time you have with them more than usual.

Los Angeles was home for 6 days or so and I got as much rest as I could. My students from School Of Rock Hollywood played a tribute to The Beatles’ White Album and I was FLOORED by how incredible these kids were… WOW. I’m infinitely proud of all of them and i have to congratulate my fellow teachers there specially Al Pahanish and show director and ma homie Pablo Signori! fantastic job guys!

We are now somewhere in Virginia almost at out destination for the night. This US tour has been great so far! Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville in Florida were great. Again, had a chance to see my old friend from Berklee Omar and my dad’s best friend Freddy, who is one of the kindest humans on this earth, he has always supported my music and for that i’m very grateful, it was nice to pay him back in a way by having him at the show. In the same show i got a chance to hang out with Mark Tremonti from Alterbridge (ex-creed guitarrist) which was cool, really nice guy. Another highlight of the tour so far…

I GOT ENDORSED BY DDRUM DRUMS!!! thanks to Felix Deluna and everyone there, it’s an honor to be playing your drums and being part of a roster that includes Vinnie Paul, Pepe Clarke Magaña, Shawn Drover and Dave Lombardo is insane! THANK YOU!!!

Nashville was great 2 days ago… amazing crowd and quite possibly the best gig we’ve done all tour long. Richie and Dan killed it and we had some friends in the crowd as well which always makes it fun! good seeing my friend Bill Franco and great getting to hang with Kenny Olson, former guitarist for Kid Rock.

That’s it folks!  more bloggin coming sometime this week… here are the remaining dates in the USA!

May 18th – JAXX  NIGHTCLUB – Springfield, VIRGINIA

May 19th – THE NORTH STAR BAR – Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA


May 21st – THE WORKS – Wyomissing, PENNSYLVANIA


May 26th – TOAD’S PLACE – New Haven, CONNECTICUT