The Road Dogs

Dreams and goals…

We all have them, and they drive some of us to do what we do and eventually leads us to some of the most gratifying moments in our lives. I will not get too deep into this specific thing BUT I was listening to Anthony Robbins the other day and he mentioned that veeeery few people even know what their dreams are and sadly, even when knowing, many people don’t do anything to accomplish that goal… they don’t even believe that they can reach it.

As I mentioned on another post, since music is my life at the moment and its what i think I do the best, my goals are naturally related to this field. Dreams I always had have become reality after years and years of hard work… oh yeah and more years of hard work. And there are others that, due to decision I made in my life, i never thought would be anywhere near possible.

I love sports, will all my heart. I’m a fanatic… and I played highschool soccer, went to soccer camps and played with my best friends all throughout my llife… now the fact that I am nowhere near as good as them is NOT the point so let’s leave it at that… hahahaha.

Another sport i love is Baseball and this past summer I got to experience things not only that I always dreamed of, but those dreams where nowhere near what I actually lived thanks to The Road Dogs… the softball team we had while on the road. Simply put I will never ever forget this whole experience, it really boggles my mind that we actually got to do this and play sold out shows later that night… it’s ridiculous… it’s criminal… it’s the best ever!!!!!!!

Imagine walking into an amazing baseball clubhouse with your professional uniform hung there for you, jersey, pants, clean cleats, wrist bands, hat, belt… everything… all those imagines I saw from MLB teams celebrating, training there, interviews, etc…all came back to me and I was THERE!! Gum… sesame seeds, icy hot, band-aids, medical tape… eeeeverything…

Also the team vibe was the coolest thing… we all were fully aware of how cool this whole thing was, all of us and I can assure you we all valued it and never took it for granted.

So this was only part of it…

Now imagine walking out to thousands of screaming fans, just like the pros do! Signs, screams, music… all of them cheering us on the whole game. It was insane… i never thought I would experience something like that and the rush I got was completely different than the one I get when I perform.

The guys on the team where incredible. Nick, joe and Kevin were of course the fuel behind us, and its awesome! They all led by example specially Nick… he’s so serious about this, and determined and its contagious.

We had great games and not so great games… played against a few celebrities. One amazing game was vs ESPN!!!! played against personalities including Mike Greenberg from Mike and Mike in the morning, Matthew Berry and many more… other games featured Kenny Smith and MITCH WILLIAMS!!!!!!!!! you might not know who he is but every single Toronto native surely remembers the home run Joe Carter hit off him to win the World Series.

Now, I won’t tell you how the whole thing went down… all i can say is that it was FILMED in its entirety and a summary or episode of every game can be see in HD  HERE !!!!

Best summer ever.




3 Responses to “The Road Dogs”

  1. me encanta leer tus blogs, y ver como se cumple todo lo q una ves soñaste!
    como te dije en otro blog, me das fuerza y esperanzas para seguir adelante cn mis sueños!!!! con esfuerzo todo algun dia se logra 😉
    no tuve la posibilidad de ir a verlos jugar cn los road dogs, pero estaria genial si pueden, que ahora en la gira por latinoamerica tmb hagan partidos! capaz de futbol, que aca es mas famoso!
    bueno en dos dias ya emiezan la gira, te deseo lo mejor! y nos vemos en 33 dias en argentina!
    mantenenos al tanto de todo 😉
    besoo, sofi!

  2. I love reading your blogs they are filled with such emotion and feeling. I am so glad that you got to “live” your dream of playing baseball in front of screaming fans, I was one of them in Dallas it was soooo HOT that day. Even though ya’ll lost that game it was the one of the best days of my life. Not only did I get to see the game but I got to experience my first (definately not my last) Jonas Brothers concert. I didn’t have a voice for a week afterward..hahaha totally worth it! Now I am not a teen or a tween I am actually in my 30’s and I have been to many concerts but that concert that night was the most amazing concert and the best I have ever been to. I think it might be because the guys are much more to me than just musicians they are my inspiration to be a better person and they have touched my heart to give back to the world.— I believe you do not choose your hero’s that God guides you to them without any bias of age– I actually did my first 5k walk for JDRF on 10/9/10 and I plan to do more for JDRF and Special Olympics maybe even organize my own in the near future. Anyway I kinda got off subject sorry 🙂 You are amazing at what you do! May God bless you in all your dreams and wishes. Thanks

  3. Hey demian I noticed that you filmed some videos with your own camera and I am not sure if its the same ones on cambio but I know there are some parts I saw you filmed not on those videos I was wondering if you will put any of your own videos up! PS. loved your blog made me tear up lol
    Love te quiero de Venezuela Melanie!

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