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Tengo el placer de comunicarles que esta noche (sábado 27 de noviembre) saldrá al aire la entrevista que me hizo GLOBOVISION en su excelente programa “Sábado En La Noche” entre las 10pm y las 12am…

Muchas gracias a Melisa Rauseo y a todo su equipo de producción. Es para mí un placer estar en este show.

Gracias a todos por su interés y apoyo.


For my non-english speaking readers… I recently got interviewed by a very important TV station here in Venezuela and the show will air tonight.

thanks for the support… in either language 🙂




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Hola, muchísimas gracias por tu interés!

Estamos organizando los horarios de las clases, por lo que voy a nacesitar lo siguiente:

· Nombre completo, cédula de identidad, número de contacto y edad. Si son menores de edad, por favor dejarnos los números de sus padres o representantes con sus respectivos nombres. UNICAMENTE COMUNIQUENSE VIA EMAIL a:

Con esa información en la mano, recibirán un e-mail con los horarios de las clases, ya que cada clase es personal, no grupal, por lo que es importantísimo que se confirme la asistencia. En esta primera etapa, el costo de la hora de clases (45 minutos, hora académica) será de 200 Bs.F. El sitio está por definirse.

Muchísimas gracias por su intereés.



Rock of Ages…

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This blog has NOTHING to do with Def Leppard and the only reason why I picked the title was beacause a. I am listening to that song and b. because this blog actually does include references to age oddly enough…

My idols growing up were soccer players. My current idols are still soccer players but things have changed.

I remember when I was a kid I wanted to grow up and be like Ruud Gullit, not only because I thought his hair was cool but cuz he was an incredible player, one of the best ever. Later on I adopted other idols such as Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Robert Pires, Alessandro Del Piero, Andrea Pirlo, Zidane and of course O Fenómeno, the REAL Ronaldo. These men seemed so old and adult, like gods when you are a kid.

Those players only get older and so do we, the fans that idolize them but of course that isn’t the nature of the game… the sport gets younger, faster, smarter and younger again. I first got a glimpse of this during the 2004 season when Arsenal started playing 17 year old Cesc Fabregas… wow, i was blown away by a kid who couldn’t even legally drive and much less drink in the United States due to his age.

Today my favorite players, people responsible in large parts of my mood for the rest of the week post games, are younger than me, a lot… and it find it extremely interesting and borderline pathetic that what used to be men you looked up to are now kids you look up too. Don’t get me wrong, some of the most important people in my life are my students and they are a huge inspiration but I know them and work with them all the time, its different.

Wesley Sneijder, Leo Messi, Cesc, Van Persie… these are MONSTERS and i’m older than them…

times are changing.